ESPN Radio 850/900 -Sweet 16 Contest

Busted Bracket?

Don’t over agonize over the demise of your bracket because the madness continues on ESPN Radio 850/900.

The round of 16 just got a little sweeter.  Fans now have the chance to WIN right along with the NCAA’s hottest teams in the ESPN Radio 850/900 Sweet Sixteen Contest!

From March 25th to March 28th, ESPN Radio 850/900 will take 16 entries to compete in the ESPN Radio 850/900 Sweet Sixteen Contest.  Tune in for the cue to call-in at 352-392-8255 during The Sports Fix from 10a- 12, Sportscene with Steve Russell from  12- 2 p.m., The Larry Vettel Show from 4- to 6 p.m., and The Cheap Seats from 6- 7 p.m.

The eighth caller after the cue to call will be entered into the competition with a randomly chosen team from the final sixteen teams.

All the entrants will receive prizes from ESPN The Magazine with chances to win sweeter prize packs as their NCAA teams advance in the tournament. The contestant with the 2013 Championship team will receive $100 to the UF Bookstore.

Listen for the cue to call this week and enter the ESPN Radio 850/900 Sweet Sixteen Contest, brought to you by The United States Airforce, Service Experts, ESPN The Magazine and ESPN Radio 850/900.

Official Rules and Regulations Apply