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NHL, NHLPA Resume Lockout Negotiations To No Avail

The NHL and the NHL Players Association met for two hours in New York on Tuesday morning in an attempt to advance negotiations in the ongoing lockout.  Despite the increasing threat of vacated regular season games, reports indicate that neither side made any progress.

The meeting focused mostly on secondary topics, as opposed to the main economic issues that have divided the league and the players for months.  The revenue split has been the primary topic of debate between the two sides.

NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daley told reporters that proceedings were “not overly encouraging,” and that no future negotiations have been scheduled.

All preseason games have been cancelled by the NHL, resulting in approximately $100 million in losses for the NHL.   Many players have signed monthly contracts in leagues overseas, staying in shape until an opportunity arises to play in the United States once again.

Owners want to drastically reduce the current rate of 57 percent of revenue given to the players, taken from the league’s $3.3 billion dollar cash stream. The last offer made by the NHL was on September 12, and would have given players 47 percent of the revenue.

With the regular season originally slated to begin in one week, the next step in the lockout is the likely cancellation of the first batch of games. This announcement is expected to come from the NHL league office within the next few days.

The NHLPA has not shown a willingness to compromise, and the stalemate between the two sides shows no signs of coming to a close.



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