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Brown Accusses Callahan of Sabotage In Super Bowl Loss

Former Oakland Raiders wide receiver Tim Brown has called out former Oakland Raiders head coach Bill Callahan for  changing the game plan the Friday before Super Bowl XXXVII against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Previously the blame for the change in game plan was based on the disappearance of Pro Bowl center Barrett Robbins and former Raiders fullback Zach Crockett says that is the case.

However, Brown believes that Callahan simply hated the Raiders and wanted to give his friend, Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach and former Oakland Raiders head coach Jon Gruden, the win. Browns says that Callahan would not explain why the game plan changed.

However, most former players disagree with Brown’s assertion that Callahan sabotaged the game.  Former Raiders linebacker and Super Bowl XXXVII participant Bill Romanowski is shocked that Brown would accuse Callahan of sabotage.

ESPN NFL Insider John Clayton also believes the accusation of sabotage is too strong.

In an interview with ESPN Radio 850/900, former Gator offensive lineman Lomas Brown, who played in the game for the Bucs, said the team knew everything the Raiders were going to do on offense because Callahan ran the exact same offense as Gruden ran when he was the coach of the Raiders.





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