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Rattled by bombings, country rallies around Boston

The country is still in shock today after the tragic bombings at the Boston Marathon on Monday. The impact reached far, and for many, the tragic events hit close to home. Orlando Magic general manager Rob Hennigan, a Worcester Massachusetts native, has been to the event dozens of times and said that the day of the Boston Marathon, which coincides with Patriot’s Day, is usually a fun and joyous occasion.

As of today, three people have lost their lives, including an 8-year-old boy. Hennigan, whose sister has ran in the Boston Marathon, is appalled that such an event would occur at all.

Even locally, many in Gainesville worried about their loved ones who had participated in the race. That includes the family and friends of Gainesville runner Michelle Adams, who was already resting in her hotel room as the bombs went off. Nonetheless, she was still traumatized well after the chaos and said the streets of Boston had an eerie feel Tuesday.

As for the perpetrators of the bombings, much is still unknown. Police have yet to identify suspects, but Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis said they would feel the full force of justice, echoing the strong words of President Obama.

The bombings prevented the Boston Bruins from playing Monday night, and the Boston Celtics game was also postponed, but that didn’t stop other professional athletes from showing their support for the city. Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Ben Revere made it clear that Boston was weighing on his heart and mind, writing the words “Pray for Boston” on his glove. He said it was a display of solidarity and that the families affected will stay strong.

One thing has become evident – throughout the events of this week, the country and athletes all around it will continue to show their support to a city trying to stay strong in the face of tragedy.

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