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Kicking with Wolves: Female Kicker One of the Boys

By on October 9th, 2013

She's the captain for the St. Francis High School Wolves.

That's right. She.

Lexie Scott comes in at just under 5 feet tall. The girl who wears number 15 for her favorite player, Tim Tebow, has always loved football. So one day in eighth grade, she decided that watching the game wasn't enough.

“I wanted to play football, and that's the only way my parents would let me play,” said Scott.  So I took what I was given and just ran with it and signed up for a kicking camp the night I got home from the gator party where the idea came from mind and just started from there, built a field goal in my front yard and painted it hot pink.”

Scott makes use of that hot pink field goal still. And it's paid off.

A three year starter, she went from just kicking extra points to also becoming the team's kickoff specialist, garnering the praise of her coaches.

“She's one of our leaders, a quiet leader,” said St. Francis Head Coach David LaMarre.  “She's there everyday and exemplifies what we're trying to build here.”

Although everyone may notice the pony tail sticking out of her helmet to her teammates she's just another member of the Wolfpack.

“She's a teammate,” said Senior Offensive Lineman Eric Junior.  “She isn't anything special.  She's here to play football just like us.  She just puts forth a lot of effort just like we all do.  She's my sister and he's my brother.  I'm not gonna give up on either of them.”

Her teammates, or her brothers as she calls them, have always protected and looked out for her well being.

Throughout her career, opposing players have shouted degrading, negative comments, but Scott knows her brothers are the fortress the opposition will always have to face first.
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“These guys mean the world to me,” Scott said.  “We have our ups and downs but you know you're brothers and a sister so you just can't get better than that.”


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