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Season Opener Take Two

By on September 3rd, 2014

The overall message from the Gator football team this week has been simple; they are itching to finally start the 2014 season. Fans were looking forward to the witnessing Florida unveil its improved up-tempo offense but the game against Idaho was cancelled due to inclement weather.

With that game now officially a no contest, the Gators look to refocus their energy against this week’s opponent, Eastern Michigan. Some players said that they are even more excited to play this week due to the cancellation of the season opener.

Linebacker Michael Taylor was very clear in his intentions with the Eagles of Eastern Michigan.

“I was at practice yesterday and I got mad because, like dang, I can’t take anyone to the ground because you don’t want to unleash on your teammates. It’s just like when I finally get out there, pray for them, and that’s how we all feel, we all have stuff we got to let out. It’s been awhile so we’re  just ready to take the field.”

Senior defensive back Jabari Gorman says much the same thing.

“We’re more determined and we’re more hungry to show our fans and family that we’re ready to play for the season,” he said.

Gator quarterback Jeff Driskel says that even though the Idaho game is not going to be played, there is a lot of football to be played.

“The season is a brutal stretch and when you get playing four or five weeks in a row you don’t have as much time as you’d like to really rest your body. Football is a physical game, not as much for me as it is for some of the linemen, running backs, or linebackers that are constantly hitting each other. It’s big mentally and physically to be able to take a little time off and get back to where you want to be”.

Looking from a strategic standpoint and adjusting the game plan for this week’s game, Gator offensive coordinator Kurt Roper compares Idaho and Eastern Michigan’s defense.

“[Eastern Michigan] plays with a three down front. I think they don’t mind playing a little more man coverage than what Idaho had shown in the past. They’ve got the ability to be aggressive but those are the main changes.”

You can catch the Gators in action this Saturday when they take on Eastern Michigan in The Swamp with coverage on ESPN 850 WRUF starting at noon.

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