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McKay, Rays Struggle in Series Opener Against Seattle

The Rays were stunned in the series opener as a rough first couple innings on defense snowballed into a 9-3 loss to the Seattle Mariners. Rookie two-way player, Brendan McKay, struggled again. He gave up seven runs (three earned), walked three, and gave up three hits including two home runs …

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FEATURE: Underwater Hockey, Yes, It’s a Thing

The Stanley Cup playoffs are currently giving international attention to ice hockey. Field hockey is an Olympic sport and even has a variation for when played indoors. But there’s another member of the hockey family that’s catching the attention of some students around the University of Florida: underwater hockey. Yes. …

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Clippers Force Game 6 Against Golden State

The first round can be summed up as over in five games with half of the first round matchups lasting just that many games. The Raptors won in five as well as the 76ers, Trailblazers, and Rockets. Then there’s Golden States 3-1 lead going into last night. Well, Golden State …

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Joel Quenneville Hired by Panthers

The Blackhawks felt it was time to move on, the Panthers decided to capitalize on it. Just in time for the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the Panthers found their way into the headlines by hiring Joel Quenneville as their new head coach. After going through 15 head coaches in 25 seasons, …

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OBJ Reunited With Landry After Trade

Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham Jr were two of LSU’s most prolific wide receivers. Now, they’ll be part of the up and coming Cleveland Browns team. Most of the time, the story is about old college teams squaring off against each other. There’s the photo of the two meeting after …

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McGregor Calls it A Career On Twitter

It isn’t the first time he’s announced it on Twitter, but this time he means it. Conor McGregor, at just 30 years old, tweeted early this morning that he would be retiring from UFC. The tweet was posted at 1:18 Am EST hours after his appearance on the Tonight Show …

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