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Gators Gymnast: Randy Stageberg

By on March 20th, 2013
Randy Stageberg
Credit: Amanda Wood

Randy Stageberg is rapidly approaching the end of her senior year as a Florida gymnast. As a leader on the team, she handles the pressure of starting off competitions for the Gators.

“I love going first. It’s a great position. It’s a lot of pressure because you’re starting off that event and you want to set the tone for them and make them feel as comfortable as possible and really get them fired up to start the event,” said Stageberg.

Stageberg began  competing in the leadoff position during the 2012 season and has become very comfortable with it.

“It’s still nerves all the time, but it’s definitely a position that I’ve embraced and that I enjoy doing,” said Stageberg.

Nearing the end of her time as a Gator gymnast, Stageberg knows it’s important to give the freshmen on the team some guidance.

“When Bridgey (Caquatto) went in for floor this past time in the actual line-up, I went over to her and told her ‘stay calm, you can do it, be confident just like in practice.’ She texted me that night saying that it meant so much to her for me to do that,” said Stageberg. “So it’s just the little things like showing them that you trust them and you have faith in them.”

Stageberg is from Chesapeake, VA, and  goes home over the summers to train in the same facility where she plans to be a coach. Coaching gymnastics is the only set plan she has for after she graduates.

“When I go home this summer I’m going to coach at my gym to finalize my degree. After that I think I’m going to do an internship at a computer software company at home in the sales region and see how I like that side of things,” said Stageberg.

She thought about coaching as a post-graduation option  after speaking to her parents about it.

“It’s something that I will probably look into when I’m done because this has had the biggest impact on my life out of anything,” said Stageberg.

If Stageberg decides coaching is something she would like to do, she knows who she will look to for guidance.

“I will definitely meet with Rhonda (Faehn) because I will need someone that has the experience that she has and she’s done so amazingly well at,” said Stageberg. “It’s such a different part of the sport to coach it when you’ve spent so much time training and being the one putting in the numbers. It gives you such an appreciation and makes you a better coach knowing that you went through all that stuff and how you can relate to kids. It’s definitely something that I have a passion for and that I would love to continue.”

Stageberg’s last home meet as a Gator ended with a victory over Minnesota with a final score of 198.425 to 197.175.

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