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Gator Soccer’s Caroline Triglia: All in the Family

By on September 27th, 2013

Jimena Panduro/WRUF

Caroline Triglia accompanied by her parents (both UF alumni) following Florida’s 2-0 win over Minnesota.

Florida Gators senior midfielder Caroline Triglia’s parents were not fans of their children staying inside the house for too long.

“My parents used to basically lock us outside until dinner was ready,” Triglia said. “We played every sport growing up. We’d spend every Saturday at the soccer fields, baseball, basketball, whatever season it was, all of us played, and they kept us active. I really do appreciate that, and that’s what I hope to do later (with my kids) as well.”

Before sports took over much of the four siblings’ afternoons as teens, mornings would start with dad, and a mile run. After the invigorating start to the morning, mom rewarded the family with a big homemade breakfast.

Mom is Cissie Donigan Triglia, a member of the University of Florida Athletic Hall of Fame who earned tennis All-America honors in 1981.

But Caroline, unlike her mom, decided to pick up a pair of cleats instead of a racquet. Although Caroline is not sure why she chose soccer, she couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

“It’s always been part of me, it’s who I am. And it’s also fun to play and to win. When you’re competitive, when you have the chance to be in those situations, you just enjoy it,” said Triglia.

Caroline’s competitiveness was on full display during the 2010 regular season finale.

Florida was at 20th-ranked South Carolina in a match to determine the SEC regular season champion. Florida won the match 1-0 to claim the SEC crown. But it was one key play that led to the deciding goal that made the difference.

With just about eight seconds to go in the first half, a Florida player was fouled outside the 18-yard box. A free kick was awarded but there was a delay getting the ball into play because a South Carolina player was positioned within 10 yards of the ball.

Then-freshman Caroline Triglia would have none of that.

“There were 10 seconds left or something and we were trying to take a free kick and the girl (from South Carolina) wouldn’t move,” Triglia said. “So I tried to play the ball but since she was standing too close, I started yelling to the ref to ‘make her move!’ but she wasn’t so the ref just blew the whistle and stopped the clock (with two seconds to go) and allowed us to take the kick. And then Nicky (Kit) scored.”

Although it doesn’t register on a box score, Triglia provided Florida with a crucial assist that day.

Now, about four years after that fateful game, Caroline is seeing her career winding down.

“Time has really flown by,” said Triglia. “Sports have been my life since I was a kid; it’s like I blinked and now I’m a senior.”

After graduating Florida, Caroline plans to put her soccer playing days mostly behind her and focus her attention in another direction.

“I’m sure I’ll play, but I’m not trying to play professionally. After this I want to try and intern at UCLA in their weight room with their Strength and Conditioning department. I want to be a strength coach. I’ve always wanted to go out there (to L.A.), so this is my chance and I’m going to try and take it,” Triglia said.

As the Gators get ready to open up SEC play soon, Caroline Triglia’s contributions are no longer intangible. She is very much involved in every game she plays, and with her parents support, she hopes to once again be an SEC champion and a national champion as well.

After more than 60 games played, more than 1,681 minutes logged on the field and four goals scored, Caroline Triglia is getting ready to complete her final lap. Her teammates can be sure of one thing when it comes to this Jacksonville native, she will compete. After all, it’s a trait honed by the Triglia family.

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