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Whitson’s back to make an impact

By on March 17th, 2014

For Karsten Whitson, baseball has always been his passion. He was raised in Chipley, Florida where learned to love the game of baseball. “Growing up, as I got a little older and moved through tee ball and little league, I just loved the game and knew it was something that I really wanted to do,” said Whitson.

He gained this passion and love for the game from the person he considers to be his role model, his dad. “He taught me how to play the game, he taught how to the respect the game, and for that I always looked up to him,” said Whitson.

Following his father’s footsteps, Whitson chose to attend the University of Florida where he would continue to play baseball. He always dreamed of being a Gator, so the decision to attend UF was fairly easy.

After his second season with the Gators, Whitson experienced a shoulder injury which required surgery and resulted in him miss his entire junior year. Although his playing time would be affected by this procedure, Whitson looked forward to his surgery because he knew that it was necessary. “I was to my last resort. I was like I got to get this fixed. I’m tired of being in pain,” Whitson explained.

After patiently waiting, Whitson is now ready to get back on the field and return to the game he loves. He has used this experience as a stepping stone and has put in much time and effort to prepare for the upcoming season. Whitson participated in the team’s fall inner squads, where he threw 15 innings. Whitson said, “that was kind of a good boost for me because I was able to face hitters again and kind of get some confidence back.”

Whitson hopes his return will greatly impact his team and looks forward to the goals they will accomplish this upcoming season. “We expect to get back to Omaha and we definitely expect to be a team that’s going to contend for a SEC championship this year,” said Whitson.

Whitson  looks forward to being back on the field with his teammates and playing the game he loves the most. Whitson said, “Its going to feel good. Just being out there is going to be awesome, and being out there with these guys is what I think I miss most.”

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