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Campbell’s career meets passion

By on April 8th, 2014

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Florida’s Associate Head Soccer Coach Victor Campbell has always had a passion for sports. However, he never saw himself pursuing a coaching career, especially in soccer.

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In his younger years, Campbell participated in football, basketball, tennis and baseball. He did not begin to play the game of soccer until the age of 18. Campbell does not believe his late start in the sport hindered his success in any way; in fact he believes it was beneficial for him. Campbell said, “learning at a late age, only provided that hunger. Sometimes being a late bloomer, allows you to achieve things later on in life because you have the hunger for it.”

Campbell attended Methodist College where he received a degree in Business Administration. He then served as a Certified Public Accountant for six years. Campbell realized that career was not best for him and decided to begin his coaching career.“I always grew up involved in sports. That’s all I kinda knew. I enjoyed playing sports. I didn’t realize once you got older and got a job, that would all end,” said Campbell. He desired to return to the thing he knew best, which was sports.

After seven years of assisting with soccer at Methodist College, Campbell continue his coaching career by becoming an assistant coach for the University of Florida’s soccer team. Campbell is extremely happy to be coaching at UF and is grateful for such a great opportunity. Campbell said, “to have a career here at the University of Florida as a coach is amazing.”

Campbell has had the honor to work with the Gators for 19 seasons. During his time at Florida, he has created many memories. Campbell said, “my most memorable moment would be the ‘98 season. Not so much the championship game, but that ‘98 season was pretty special.”

Campbell is looking forward to a great season for the upcoming year. He believes, as a coach, he plays a major role for the team to maximize their potential and have a great season. “The players has to know that the coach cares about them more as person, than a player if you want the best out of them.”

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