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GHS, Adam Souillard: Developing good players on and off of the field

By on April 14th, 2014

For Hurricane head coach Adam Souillard, coaching baseball at Gainesville High School (GHS) is more than just a position. It is an opportunity to share the game he loves with others.

As a Miami native, Souillard’s passion for sports began in his childhood when he would play sports with his mother.  After five years of soccer, he discovered baseball and has been in love ever since.

“She [Souillard’s mother] was always the one outside with me. She would be the one racing me and all that stuff. And I actually played soccer for the first five years I started playing organized sports and then I got into baseball. Once I started doing that, it was kind of a love for it.

After playing baseball in grade school, Souillard discovered the contribution that he wanted to make to the game.

“I knew I wanted to coach it [baseball] very early in my life because it was a great game and it was a lot of fun for me and I wanted to be able to teach others to play this game”

While studying at the University of Florida, Souillard found his first coaching opportunity while volunteering at local high schools to fulfill a requirement for a physical education course. After getting involved with Santa Fe High School Baseball, as a volunteer, he retained a coaching position before getting an offer at GHS.

As an experienced coach, he is well aware of the obstacles that many high school coaches face, not having the luxury of player recruitment. Souillard said that despite the challenging seasons when his team has a limited number of experienced seniors, he welcomes the opportunity to develop new players.

“I love teaching this game. Actually, I like this team a lot that I have for 2014 because I get to do a lot more teaching. I get to see them grow from what they were when they first started.”

Souillard’s focus on player development extends past their physical abilities. He also strives to use his program to instill good character into his team.

“Yea, it’s great to be good baseball players but I want them to be good people and a quality individual. Everyone loves to win. Everyone hates to lose. But at the end of the day the game is going to be there when I’m gone. The game is going to be there when they’re gone. But when they leave here, I hope that they are good people as well as good baseball players.”

Ultimately, Souillard is looking forward to having a long career in baseball. He loves his current position but he is open to other opportunities that may come in the future. 

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