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Update on River Flooding from Debby


The 10 to 20 inches of rain that fell in most areas will continue flowing into area creeks and streams, and eventually into the larger rivers that flow into the Gulf, such as the Sawannee.  As a result, moderate to major flooding is expected on many area rivers.  I’ve posted the latest river forecast information (as of Tuesday evening) and links to future updates:

A crest of 31 feet is forecast on Saturday, which is 7 feet above flood stage.  Moderate flooding is forecast.

Forecast Stages & Impacts



Suwannee River near Wilcox

These numbers are subject to change based on how flooding is handled by the river upstream.  Notice crest not until mid-week.

Forecast Stages & Impacts


Suwannee River near White Springs

Cresting by Thursday with major flooding, then staying above flood stage through Sat.

Forecast Stages & Impacts

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