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Oppressive Heat & Humidity on the Way

High pressure building in the wake of Tropical Storm Debby will provide ample sunshine over the coming days with no chance for rain.  This, combined with the amount of water on the ground and in the soil that will likely evaporate over the coming days, is a recipe for a heat wave to develop over North-Central Florida as we approach the weekend.  The duration and magnitude of the oppressive conditions is still a bit in question.  However, it is clear that this will be the most-uncomfortable stretch of weather Floridians have seen so far this spring and summer.  High temperatures are likely to reach the 90s on Thursday, and stay there for the next 6-days.  As the humidity continues to increase, heat index values each and every afternoon starting Friday will likely top 100.  It is possible that the heat index will be near 110 for a couple of hours during Friday and Saturday afternoon.

North-Central Floridians are reminded that heat exhaustion can occur very quickly if you are not properly hydrated or dressed for the intense heat.  Those who are planning outdoor activities, especially something strenuous, should do so in the morning or evening hours when the heat and humidity are not as difficult to endure.

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