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Isaac’s Impacts to be Minimal, but Noticeable for Gainesville

WIND:  Sustained 10-20mph, with gusts to 25mph possible Monday morning and again Tuesday.

RAIN:  Periods or rain (not a constant) rain, sometimes heavy, are expected Monday and Tuesday.  Storm total 1 to 2 inches possible.

TORNADO:  Isolated tornadoes are possible Monday and Tuesday, especially during the warmest parts of the day.

The forecast for Isaac’s track continues to shift farther from North-Central Florida, but it’s the storms large geographical size and already close proximity that will still deliver some noticeable impacts to Alachua County.  Tropical Storm force winds currently extend 200 miles from the center of the storm, and Isaac’s rain shield is even larger than that.  Needless to say, this storm will have wide-ranging influences on the entire state of Florida.

The factor of greatest concern to us at WRUF will be the potential for isolated tornadoes in some of Isaac’s outer bands.  We believe the highest chances for these to form will be Monday afternoon as the storm strengthens to our west and the pressures continue to fall. A second chance for an isolated tornado or two will exist late on Tuesday or Tuesday night as the storm moves northward into the Mid-South and continues to send outer bands of rain in our direction.  North-Central Floridians should diligently watch the skies with us and “tune in” when a squall is approaching.

A second impact from Isaac on Alachua County will be the rain.  Heavy and long-lasting rain is not anticipated this far from Isaac’s center.  However, the outer bands from the storm will also come in two waves, first arriving late Sunday night through Monday.  A secondary wave of rain is also anticipated late Tuesday and Wednesday when Isaac’s remnants drift a little closer to us and move through the Southeast U.S.  This activity will be nothing more than typical afternoon showers and thunderstorms we are so used to seeing this time of year.

And finally, breezy conditions will be developing across North-Central Florida from Isaac.  This will occur most-notably tonight and early Monday as the storm strengthens to our west, pulling in a strong breeze out of the east.  Sustained winds of 10 to 20mph are expected, with gusts nearing 25 mph at times.  A second spike in winds is possible, mainly west of the I-75 corridor when Isaac’s center makes more of a north or northeast turn.  Wind gusts between 25 and 35 mph are possible at this time.

Overall, the impacts from Isaac will be fairly minimal in Gainesville compared to what our neighbors to the west and south will be experiencing.  However, an isolated tornado or two remains our biggest concern and is something we will consistently stay on top throughout the duration of the storm.

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