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Gator Gameday Forecast: Warm & Mostly Dry


It will be another warm day in The Swamp, but likely not as brutal as the first two home games.  The humidity will still be a factor, but some slightly drier air will be moving in during the day.  Unfortunately, this will be offset by a little more sunshine than we’ve seen in recent days, which will ultimately lead to temperatures and/or heat indices nearing the 90-degree mark by kickoff.  Moisture in the upper parts of the atmosphere won’t be as high, so widespread rain or thunder like we’ve seen for several days during the week will not come to fruition.  However, the sea breezes from both coasts may be enough of  a trigger for spotty showers or an isolated thunderstorm, most-likely developing between 2 and 5pm.  If one were to impact the game, it would most-likely be near halftime (closer to 5pm) and only last approximately 15 minutes.

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