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Tropical Storm Patty Forms Near Bahamas

Tropical Depression 16 was named Tropical Storm Patty  late Thursday afternoon near the Bahamas, or 475 mile east of Miami.  Thunderstorm activity persisted long-enough near an area of lower pressure to warrant the upgrade into a Tropical Storm.  Wind shear is very apparent over the system, as much of the thunderstorm cloud tops are being blown well to the northeast of the center.  As of the Thursday 5pm advisory, Patty was nearly stationary and had maximum winds of 40 mph.

Tropical Storm Patty will likely be a short-lived system, thanks to increasing amounts of wind shear expected to develop over the next 48 hours.  High pressure to the northwest of the storm is forecast to strengthen, and this will further increase the differences in wind direction and speed at different levels of the atmosphere around the storm (as known as wind shear).  As a result, T.S. Patty will likely dissipate entirely by Saturday or Sunday.  Until that happens, the system is expected to continue slowly drifting south or southwest.

Patty is not the only system we are watching in the Atlantic.  Invest 98L is being closely monitored for potential tropical development as well.  More on 98L here…

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