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10 Day Outlook: Tale of Two Different Weeks

Direct impacts from a tropical system seem highly unlikely over the next week or so, but there most-certainly will be a tropical “feel” to the atmosphere at least.  Temperatures will be above normal for the rest of this week and weekend, possibly reaching the upper 80s on Friday.  The humidity will be much higher as well, making it a bit uncomfortable at times.   Chances for rain are fairly low, but a few brief showers are possible with a persistent on-shore flow through the end of the week.

In the wake of a departing tropical storm, a Canadian air mass is likely to plunge southward.  As a result, higher pressure will keep our skies mostly clear and our temperatures unseasonably cool.  Daytime highs are forecast to fall into the middle 70s, while nights will be chilly and in the 40s and 50s starting Monday.

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