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Sandy Pulling Away; Stays Windy through Sunday


Sandy is barely still at hurricane strength, but the storm has nearly doubled in size.  Tropical Storm force winds now extend over 275 miles from the center.  Sandy is unraveling a bit, thanks to an upper-level area of lower pressure creating some wind shear on the southwest side.  The is evident on the satellite and radar representation, as most of Sandy’s thunderstorm activity is now displaced from the center of circulation to the north and northeast.  As of Friday evening, those rain bands were rotating around the center of circulation and starting to approach Florida’s First Coast.  As this process continues, Sandy will gradually become a hybrid storm later tonight, taking on both tropical and non-tropical characteristics.  The hurricane has slowed in forward speed to less than 10 mph and has now turned more to the northeast.  This means Sandy will now start moving further away from North-Central Florida.

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Tropical Storm Warnings are continue for coastal waters from the Florida-Georgia border to Daytona Beach.  Inland Lake Wind Advisories have been extended until 7pm Saturday.


Sandy is transitioning to a hybrid storm tonight, meaning that the rain and wind fields will likely continue to expand northward and northwestward.   Even though Sandy’s center will likely stay well off-shore, the east coast of Florida will still sustain significant impacts. Rainfall along the coast could top 2-3″ south of Melbourne, and tropical-storm force wind gusts are possible anywhere along the coast Friday and Saturday. Inland, rain impacts will likely be minimal, but windy conditions should be expected through Saturday evening. Sandy should be pulled by an upper-level trough to the northeast sometime on Saturday, at which time conditions will be quickly improving both along the coast and for inland North-Central Florida.

Recent model trends suggest that Sandy, likely a strong subtropical storm off the Mid-Atlantic states by Saturday, will also be pulled northwestward into New England on Sunday and Monday.  The potential impacts from a landfalling storm of this magnitude, at this time of year, are significant.  We will be posting more on this in future updates, especially as the situation becomes more clear.


Potential Impacts from Sandy in N-Central Florida
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