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Sandy Erodes Sand, but Causes Only Minor Damage in St. Augustine

More than just a play on words, Sandy was quite the “sandstorm” in St. Augustine.  The beaches in this scenic city were just replenished a few months ago, and now they are being eaten away by waves yet again.  More than a third of the sand that was just delivered to the public beach at the pier has been eroded away from Hurricane Sandy.

Sustained winds of more than 30 mph and waves breaking nearly 15 feet off-shore continued to pound the coastline Friday, marking the fourth straight day in a row there was a strong on-shore flow ahead of Hurricane Sandy. Thankfully, the winds will be shifting a bit over the weekend and blowing more off-shore and from the northwest.   While this will stop the piling up of water along Florida’s First Coast, a not-so-distant hurricane will keep the seas unsettled through early next week.  Beach-goers should be aware that the threat for rip currents will remain high for several days in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.


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