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Sandy to Send Shivers to the Deep South

While Hurricane Sandy is teaming up with a Nor’Easter to blast New England with damaging wind and flooding rain, some ‘scary’ cold air will be arriving in the Southeast just in time for Halloween.  The same jet stream that is helping to re-energize Sandy off the East Coast will be diving nearly due south from the Arctic Circle, allowing a polar air mass to move, almost uninterrupted, all the way into the state of Florida by early next week.

A blast of cold air such as this is nothing unusual for residents of the Northern Plains or Upper Midwest, but it will be a bit extreme for Floridians who usually don’t have to break out the winter coats until December.  This air mass is being displaced by the tremendous amount of heat and energy that is moving in the exact opposite direction over the western Atlantic Ocean.  The counter-clockwise motion around the unusually large area of low pressure associated with Sandy will help to pull the coldest air of the fall season into North-Central Florida.  In fact, some of the projections by the model data indicate a few record lows may be in jeopardy by mid-week.

Floridians should also get used to the chilly air, as current long-range model guidance suggests this pattern will lock in place for several days.  Reinforcing shots of cooler air are forecast to arrive later in the weekend, and even possibly next weekend.  We will keep you updated day-by-day on the cold temperatures, especially at night since this air mass might be one for the record books.

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