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Red Flag Warnings Through Wednesday

By  |  6 years ago
Red Flag Warnings also issued for much of North-Central Florida on Wednesday.

Red Flag warnings have been in effect for the majority of North Central Florida since Sunday afternoon. They will remain in effect tonight until 7PM, and have been renewed for tomorrow, October 31 from noon till 7PM. A red flag warning means that weather conditions are prime for fires to develop and spread quickly. Therefore, the WRUF forecast team  strongly discourages people from any kind of outdoor burning this evening or tomorrow.

Red flag warnings are typically issued when three conditions are met: humidity is expected to remain below 35% for 4 or more hours, winds are sustained at 20 MPH or greater at a height f 20 feet, and temperatures are relatively warm. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy a dry air mass has moved in over our area and strong winds have picked up from the North and West-North-West. Although our temperatures have taken a dive, daytime highs have remained at levels sufficient to support fire.

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