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Nicer Finish to Election Day

The people of North-Central Florida have spoken, and they voted in some sunshine and milder temperatures on this Election Day in lieu of rain and a brisk breeze.  It was almost like a “write-in” candidate had won the battle of the forecast models.  Out of the half-dozen or so we look at on a daily basis, only one showed the faster and weaker solution to today’s storm system.  We tracked some rain this morning on Gator Doppler, but as of 10am most of it had cleared the viewing area.

Cooler air aloft will be rushing in early this evening, which could lead to enough instability to trigger a few brief showers.  Widespread and steady rain is not expected, so last-minute voters shouldn’t have too much trouble heading to the polls.  You may want to carry a jacket this evening, though, as temperatures will cool quickly after sunset, falling through the 60s and well into the 50s by mid-evening.



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