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Clouds, Clouds, Go Away. Just In Time For Thanksgiving Day!

By  |  6 years ago

After 4 or 5 days of cloudy and drizzly weather, many North-Central Floridians may be wondering what ever happened to our so called “Sunshine State”.  Well, atmospheric circumstances have been just right (or wrong depending on your preference) for consistent low level cloud cover, cooler temperatures, very light drizzle, and somewhat breezy winds. The cause for what many consider perfect napping weather has been a persistent northeasterly flow from the Atlantic as well as a temperature inversion in the mid-levels of the atmosphere (where the air gets warmer as you move higher in altitude as opposed to the normal situation where the air gets colder as you go higher into the atmosphere). In other words, the clouds are being stubborn and are waiting for some help to finally get kicked out of North-Central Florida. There’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that this weather pattern is likely to last through at least the first part of the weekend for inland areas and the next 2-3 days for many along the East Coast.

The good news is that the food, family time, and Turkey Day traditions aren’t the only things North-Central Floridians can get excited about as it gets closer to the holiday next Thursday.  By Monday for inland counties and Tuesday for coastal counties, chances for sunshine will be up (from 0%) along with drier air and slightly warmer temperatures during the day will finally return. While this weekend doesn’t look to be the most pleasant for football or outdoor activities, next week is carving up to be a less cloudy, less gloomy, less drizzly… a relief … and just in time for the holidays!


Monday: Clouds finally breaking and cool , 70°

Tuesday: Partly cloudy and warmer, 72°

Wednesday: Mostly sunny and pleasant, 70°

Thanksgiving Day: Sunny and cool, 67°

Black Friday: Mostly sunny and turning colder by evening, 69°


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