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Freeze Warnings Posted for All of North-Central Florida

By  |  5 years ago

Better bundle up for your commute Monday morning!

Temperatures will fall into the upper 20s across most of North-Central Florida, with both Frost Advisories and Freeze Warnings in place for inland areas. The chill will begin as soon as the sun goes down, but we will warm up quickly: between daybreak and early afternoon, Gainesville could see a temperature increase of nearly 45 degrees.

This unusual pattern results from a low pressure system to our northwest wrapping in most of the area’s moisture. With such dry air in place, this means almost no cloudcover or water vapor in the air – two things that usually help moderate our nighttime lows.

Low-lying and rural areas are most vulnerable to a freeze, defined as when the air temperature drops below 32 degrees Fahrenheit at ground level for two hours or more. Frost can occur even if the air temperature is in the mid-30s, and happens when the air temperature drops to within one or two degrees of the dewpoint, with the dewpoint being 32 or below.

The frost will burn off quickly, however, as a dry atmosphere can gain heat as quickly as losing it. After seeing your breath outside on your morning commute, you might be surprised at temperatures near 70 by lunchtime.

Both low and high temperatures are expected to remain well above freezing over the next 6 days.


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