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November was Cool, but December Starting Warm

November was a cool month for much of North-Central Florida, despite several days of near or above normal temperatures.  When you take into consideration the highs and lows, and compare them to average, Gainesville fell about three degrees short.  The overall pattern in the atmosphere was largely a warm one, but low clouds in the wake of a few cold fronts led to several days with extremely cool daytime temperatures, likely skewing the data on the cold side.  Some daytime highs mid-month were more than 10 degrees below normal, but the only air mass that would be considered even close to abnormally cold was the one that delivered frost over the weekend after Thanksgiving.

December is forecast to start warm.  Very warm.  In fact, daytime temperatures will likely be near or above the average (which is near 70) for the first ten days of the month.  The jet stream, a river of air aloft that steers storm systems and fronts, is expected to stay unusually far to the north.  This will prevent large intrusions of cold, Canadian air into the lower 48, while ensuring the winds move primarily from west to east instead of north to south.  Several long-range forecast charts indicate that this pattern will stay in place through roughly December 10th, then possibly followed by a “buckle” in the jet stream, which would allow an arctic air mass to move south into the Central U.S.


Due to the aforementioned pattern, a significant blast of cold air is not expected in North-Central Florida for the next 10 days…and maybe not even until the middle of the month.  Our exclusive 10-day forecast reveals temperatures close to 80 for the start of this upcoming work week, followed by a slight cool down by week’s end.  Our next best chance for precipitation will likely accompany a stronger storm system approaching near the 9th of 10th of the month.  A peek even further out reveals the possibility that a much colder pattern will develop by mid-month.

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