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Tracking the Return of Winter

By  |  5 years ago
Temperature and Wind Chill trend over the past 12 hours in Gainesville. The blue represents what it feels like when you factor in the gusty winds.

January is normally thought of as a winter month. However, when you live in Florida, winter has its own personality and likes to show up when it wants to. We have been tracking the front for about a week, and now that is has arrived  we can say it has made quite the dramatic entrance.

After experiencing 8 straight days of 80 degree temperatures, the atmosphere took quite the turn this morning. Mr. Golden Sun must have gotten tired of “shining down on me”, so by the early afternoon, the clouds took over. We experienced some drizzle, the cold air followed, and now it is here to stay.

Overnight hour temperature and wind chill trend in Gainesville. The light blue line shows what it will feel like with winds, noted at the bottom of the image.

These fast falling temperatures will be accompanied with wind gusts that will send chills down our spines tonight.  The wind chill, or what it will feel like because of the wind, will drop into the lower 30s by midnight.  Temperatures may rise slowly toward daybreak (thanks to some clouds moving overhead), but the wind chills will still be near the freezing mark by daybreak Friday.  Winds will be sustained out of the west and northwest through early morning, then shift to the northeast at speeds between 15 and 25 mph with higher gusts.




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