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1/31: Freeze Warning Tonight

By  |  5 years ago
Exclusive Futuretrack shows where sub-freezing temperatures are likely tonight for more than two hours (areas shaded in blue).

A Freeze Warning has been issued for all inland counties of North Central Florida from 2:00 AM to 9:00 AM Friday.  Temperatures are likely to be below freezing for two or more hours across many areas late tonight, especially away from the cities and in the river valleys.  Urban locations may not drop below freezing for very long, but a widespread frost is also possible across all of North-Central Florida away from the coast.

Reinforcing shots of Canadian air are expected to continue through weekend with a parade of weak cold fronts keeping us cool, especially at night.  A freeze watch has also been issued for Friday night, meaning we could have a second night in a row of sub-freezing weather.  We’ll have an update on tomorrow night’s forecast low temperatures coming soon.


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