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Hard Freeze Possible Saturday Night

UPDATE FRIDAY 2PM:  A Hard Freeze Watch has been issued for all of North-Central Florida Saturday Night.  Temperatures could dip below freezing for more than six hours and possibly fall as low as the middle 20s.  Once again, this is for Saturday Night.  We will update this post with projected numbers for your hometown on Saturday afternoon.

Projected lows Saturday night. Areas in pink is where a hard freeze will be possible.

The coldest air mass of the winter season is expected this weekend in the state of Florida.  As we first told you on Monday, this week’s second cold front will arrive Saturday and be followed by a direct shot of arctic air.  We are calling this the “coldest” period of the winter for two reasons:  1) wind chills will be dipping into the lower 20s Saturday night, and 2) daytime temperatures (with sunshine all day) will barely crack 50 on Sunday.


Wind Chills Saturday Night are forecast to fall into the lower 20s.

The winds will pick up out of the west Saturday morning ahead of the front.  And while this may warm us up briefly, a deck of clouds and a wind shift to the north will mark the arrival of the colder air mass by early afternoon.  Temperatures will likely fall from a midday reading in the lower 60s to near 50 by sunset.  And the mercury won’t stop there. Readings on the thermometer will be in the 30s by midnight, likely dropping to a lowest reading near 30 on Sunday morning.  Wind speeds of 10 to 20 mph will make it feel even colder Saturday evening, dropping wind chills into the 30s by 9pm, and the 20s overnight.

Skies will clear by Sunday morning, and we should see the sun all day on Sunday.  The solar radiation won’t help us out too much, though, as daytime highs Sunday are expected to struggle to reach the lower 50s.  Sunday night will be our coldest night as high pressure is almost directly overhead and lows briefly dip into the upper 20s.  A light breeze picking up toward daybreak out of the southeast will likely prevent most areas from seeing a hard freeze Monday morning.  The good news is that this cold snap will be brief, with warmer air moving in Monday afternoon.

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