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The When, Where, and How Strong on the Weekend Storms

Our much-advertised unsettled weekend is still on track to bring several rounds of much-needed rain and some thunder to most of North-Central Florida.  We first told you a earlier this week that this coming weekend would likely be stormy and to enjoy the dry weather while when you could; all the more reason to make outdoor plans on Friday if you can.  The entire weekend will likely NOT be a washout, but outdoor plans will definitely be impacted by the impending rain at some point both on Saturday and Sunday.  Now that we’re less than 48 hours from the first drops, WRUF is endeavoring to provide you with the most precise forecast we can so that hopefully you can plan around the episodes of impactful weather.


  • WHEN:  Possible at any time during the morning or evening, but most-likely during the afternoon.
  • WHERE:  All areas equal chances in the morning and early afternoon, but most-likely closer to the I-10 corridor by late afternoon and evening.
  • THREATS:  Showers and thunderstorms that develop close to the warm front by afternoon have the potential to produce damaging hail and isolated tornadoes. Otherwise, pockets of heavy rain and some lightning will accompany some of the stronger storms.


  • WHEN:  Most-likely between noon and 5pm.
  • WHERE:  All areas will see a squall line of sorts move across the peninsula from northwest to southeast.
  • THREATS: Damaging wind is the primary concern, with an isolated tornado and frequent lightning also possible.



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