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Huffman Heads Up: Warm Week Ahead

The numbers don’t lie.  March 2013 was a cold month.  And when compared to the March we had last year, its no wonder it felt even colder.  That’s all about to change, though, as what appears to be a sustainable warming trend ensues next week in Gainesville.  Our exclusive 10-Day forecast includes highs in the 80s for five days in a row, a stretch of warmth to that degree we haven’t seen since – ironically enough – the middle of January!

The end of winter this year featured unrelenting cold and several late-season frosts or freezes.  This was a far cry from the unusual warmth we experienced one year ago.  The table below illustrates the stark differences during the month of March:

      March 2012     vs    March 2013

Average Temp:         6.7° above avg.    |    6.0° below avg

Daily averages:    29 of 31 above avg.   |    24 of 31 below avg.

Morning temps:              Zero < 32°     |    Five < 32°

Coolest days:      73° on the 10/11th     |    51° on the 3rd

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