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Sea breeze merger likely to trigger strong storms with very heavy rain this evening


Several boundaries, whether they be from a sea breeze or a weak cold front, have already triggered a few showers and thunderstorms this afternoon.  As these boundaries continue to interact and maybe even merge, stronger cells are expected to develop by early evening.  The most-likely locations for these cell-mergers would be near or just east of a High Springs-Gainesville-Hawthorne-Ocala line.  The interaction of the various boundaries today may result in storms lingering well past sunset, and the slow nature of their movement could yield very heavy rainfall.


WHEN:  Today 3pm to 10pm

WHERE:  All inland areas, with greatest concentration in or near Alachua, Bradford, Clay, Gilchrist, Marion, and Putnam counties (see attached)

THREAT:  Frequent cloud-to-ground lightning, minor wind damage, and localized flooding

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