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Tracking nature’s fireworks now; likely to clear in time for Fanfares and Fireworks

4pm Update:  Strong storms quickly moved inland from the Atlantic sea breeze, already hitting much of Marion county.  These cells broke apart a bit as they approached Alachua County, but lighter showers will continue to move near and through Gainesville between 4 and 5pm.  We are watching the interactions of both sea breezes closely, and it now appears the stronger, steadier storms will form where these fronts collide just west of the I-75 corridor.  Cities along US HWY 129 and 27, such as Newberry, Chiefland, Archer, and High Springs will likely see the strongest of today’s storms before they weaken early this evening.  While confidence is growing that the strongest storms will stay west of Gainesville, we suspect the entire line that is developing to the west of I-75 will slowly start to drift back east early this evening and still could impact the city between 6 and 8pm.  Showers and thunderstorm activity that is still present in North Florida early this evening will begin to weaken quickly and move north after 8pm.

Noon Update:  Confidence is high that strong thunderstorms will develop near Gainesville between 5 and 7pm.  The big question is will they die down in time for the fireworks at Fanfares and Fireworks (9:40pm).  The latest forecast information continues to show significant weakening and fast movement of the cells to the north, clearing the Gainesville metro area between 8 and 9pm.   For more event information, visit www.WUFT.org.  Follow @WRUFWeather on Twitter for frequent updates on the event forecast throughout the day.

Original story posted Tuesday afternoon (7/2)

Nature’s fireworks could threaten the annual Fanfares and Fireworks show early on, but the show will go on as planned as WRUF is forecasting the storms to wind down by around 8pm.  The weather pattern that has drenched much of North Florida the past four days is losing its grip and shifting west.  However, plenty of moisture will be left in the air for more typical afternoon thunderstorms to form along both sea breezes as they march inland later in the day.  A sea breeze collision may briefly occur between 4 and 7pm, which could elevate the risk for some stronger activity during those times near Gainesville. However, the storms are not expected to last as long into the evening hours as previous nights, likely diminishing altogether by 9:00. The fireworks are planned for 9:40 pm.



  • A few strong storms could be in the area between 4 and 7pm
  • Showers from nearby storms could linger until 9pm
  • Dry weather is expected by 10pm


For more event information, visit www.WUFT.org.  Follow @WRUFWeather on Twitter for frequent updates on the event forecast throughout the day.

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