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10-Day Tropical Weather Outlook for Florida: Unsettled at times, but nothing significant


Tropical downpours will continue to soak most of the state for the next several days, but significant impact from a tropical storm or hurricane is not expected.  The remnant moisture from Tropical Storm Chantal will be to thank for the periods of heavy rain this weekend, and this will be followed closely by a potent tropical wave arriving from the Atlantic on Monday night.  Neither feature will likely develop into anything significant, but off and on rain squalls and gusty winds will occur in many areas, beginning Saturday and lasting through Tuesday morning.  The rest of the Atlantic is expected to largely remain quiet for the next ten days, although a tropical wave or two near the Cape Verde islands will need to be watched for potential development late in the period.


We’ve broken our forecast down by the potential weather features to watch over the next 10 days:


  • Tropical development not likely
  • Heavy rain at times still likely for most of Florida this weekend


  • Possible squall line Monday evening along Atlantic coast
  • Wind gusts to 45 mph possible from Melbourne to Jacksonville
  • Heavy rain Monday night into Tuesday morning for central and south Florida


  • Low chance of development over the next 10 days
  • Moderate wind shear in central Atlantic likely inhibits development
  • Higher wind shear in the Caribbean and western Atlantic will mitigate or prevent the impacts from anything that does develop

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