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Persistent heat and humidity to replace the repeating rains

It hasn’t been that hot of a summer in Gainesville.  Just wet.  Really wet.  As of August 6, the temperatures for the summer counting period (June-August) at the Gainesville Regional Airport have been averaging only about one degree above normal.  Rainfall has been a different story, though.  The record-setting month of July largely contributed to an abundance of water, with the three-month total currently at more than nine inches above normal for the date.  The persistent weather pattern that is to blame for the deluge of rain has shifted, making way for a more typical late-summer regime with less coverage and intensity to the thunderstorms.  As North Florida dries out, the combination of more sun and an abundance of humidity will result in a string of uncomfortable days ahead.


  • Temperatures will range from 92 to 96 each afternoon Friday through Monday
  • Heat index values of 100 to 105 are likely for several hours each afternoon
  • Any afternoon shower or thunderstorm activity will be brief and isolated
If you are looking for a place to cool off this weekend, we give our approval for a beach trip to the Atlantic side.  The stronger on-shore winds will keep it more comfortable in the afternoon and push any threat for rain well inland each afternoon.  Much of the eastern third of the peninsula will be much drier this weekend than in days past.  The same can’t be said about the Gulf of Mexico coastline, as this is where sea breeze thunderstorms will tend to gather more in the late-day hours Friday through Sunday.  

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