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Weak front to bring slightly drier air to North Florida to start the week

No, it’s not really an autumn “cold” front.  That would likely never happen in Florida in August. But in all actuality, a change in the weather will be noticed and welcomed by North Floridians on Monday.  A weak and unusual front for this time of year was moving through the region Sunday evening, and it promises to bring with it a break from the heavy rain and slightly lower humidity levels.  Temperatures may even drop a few degrees as well, especially at night.


  • No thunderstorms or heavy rain expected through Wednesday
  • Only a brief shower or two is possible Monday between 1 and 4pm
  • Humidity will be SLIGHTLY lower, especially in the evenings and mornings


Showers are still possible with this weather pattern, especially east of the I-75 corridor, thanks to the strong on-shore flow of moisture from the Atlantic.  Winds out of the northeast will, at times, carry this moisture all the way inland and a brief shower or two is possible for most inland areas in the predawn hours of Monday, then also again by early afternoon.  The showers that form in this pattern are much different than the heavier thunderstorm activity we have had most of the summer.  This rain will be brief and light in nature, only lasting about 10 or 15 minutes.


Humidity levels will be dropping slightly on Monday, as drier air aloft gradually works its way down to the ground.  This will occur as the winds pick up out of the northeast, possible reaching 15 to 20 mph at times Monday afternoon.  The dew point is often the measuring stick for how it feels in our atmosphere.  After spending nearly three months in the 70s, a level that is often deemed uncomfortable, it will dip slightly into the middle and upper 60s on Monday and Tuesday.  This minor drop in humidity will be most noticeable in the evening and early morning hours.  Overnight low temperatures will closely resemble the dew point and also likely fall a few degrees into the upper 60s. 

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