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Late-October Chill Arrives Tonight

A new air mass arrived on the scene today, one that was noticeably less humid and slightly cooler.  North winds were to thank for the change, and the comfortable (sometimes cool) late-October weather will continue for several more days.  A reinforcing shot of even cooler air will arrive this weekend, sending temperatures below normal through early next week.


The dew point is often the tool we use to measure the moisture content in the atmosphere.  And Wednesday it plummeted to 47 at 2 pm, more than 25 degrees lower than it was just 24 hours prior.  Dry air cools and warms much faster than humid air, and for this reason North Florida is headed for one of its coolest nights since late spring.  Temperatures will likely drop very quickly after sunset, and dive all the way into the upper 40s by daybreak Thursday.  The projected low in Gainesville of 47 is the coolest since 45 was recorded on May 14, 2013.



Gorgeous conditions will prevail across North Florida for the rest of the week (depending on how much you enjoy the cool, crisp air). Even though Wednesday night will be the coolest since Mid-May, it won’t be the coldest night of the next ten.  A second cold front will be moving through late Friday, strengthening the north winds and ushering in an even cooler air mass by Saturday. Friday night is projected to be the coolest during this stretch, and WRUF Weather is projecting a low of 45 in Gainesville Saturday morning.  Outlying areas to the north and west of town, especially near the Suwannee and Santa Fe river valleys, could dip as low as 40 Saturday morning.  A strong ridge of high pressure will build in behind the Friday front, keeping rain chances out of the forecast for the next week.  A storm system moving out of the Mid-South may bring back a slight chance for a shower by the end of the month, but details on this will be forthcoming in future forecasts.



The air mass arriving this week is a bit cooler than normal, but certainly not anything close to record-breaking.  Daytime highs will be mainly in the middle 70s through the weekend, which is about five degrees cooler than the average of 80 for this time of year.  Overnight lows in the 40s are certainly cooler than the average for this time of year (upper 50s), but no where near the records for the coming dates.

THURSDAY – forecast is 47, record is 42 from 2011.

FRIDAY – forecast is 49, record is 33 from 1937.

SATURDAY – forecast is 45, record is 36 from 1917.

SUNDAY – forecast is 48, record is 34 from 1903.

MONDAY – forecast is 51, record is 34 from 1962.

Tonight is the night we are closest to tying or setting a record, and is only five degrees away from the record.

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