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The cool, crisp autumn weather of late will be scared away by a shift in the winds this week across North Florida.  Jackets and hoodies will likely be replaced by shorts and short-sleeves by midweek as late-summer warmth and humidity seemingly come back from the dead.  And while projected temperatures are unusually warm for this time of year, the record books will likely not be spooked.


Temperatures in Gainesville Monday will likely crack the 80-degree mark, which will be noticeable considering the past six days have only topped out in the 70s.  A wind more out of the east rather than the north is to thank for the air mass modification. With ample sunshine through mid-week, temperatures will likely continue to climb, possibly reaching the upper 80s by Thursday.  Overnight lows will be more mild as well, only dipping into the 50s Tuesday and Wednesday morning.  Average highs and lows for this time of year are in the upper 70s and middle 50s respectively.  Records are likely safe through this warm spell, with record lows mainly in the lower 30s and record highs in the lower 90s.



A trough of low pressure is forecast to develop along the Atlantic Coast, further strengthening the on-shore flow by mid-week.  The warm ocean temperatures will sponsor a more humid air mass that pushes inland by Thursday and Friday.  Dew points are often used as a measuring tool of how uncomfortable the air can feel in Florida, and they are forecast to be near 70 by Friday, a sharp contrast to the 40s we had over the weekend.



After a warm afternoon, trick-or-treaters should have a mild and comfortable evening to enjoy on Thursday.  Skies will likely be partly cloudy and temperatures will be falling into the 70s.



The projected warm spell this week will likely come to an abrupt end with a cold front arriving this weekend.  Early model data suggests the front will be accompanied by widespread rain and maybe even a few thunderstorms. The speed of the front will be the key to how much of an impact it could have on Gator and Bulldog fans heading to Jacksonville this weekend.  We will  most-certainly keep you updated on its progress and fine-tune our forecast in future updates.

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