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Warm and Dry Week Ahead for North Florida

By  |  4 years ago

The unseasonably cooler weather we enjoyed this past weekend may have been one of the more pleasant weekends in recent memory, but it will soon be a distant memory as summertime heat and humidity return by week’s end.


Our dry weather over the past few days has been largely attributed to high pressure over the Gulf of Mexico. This area of high pressure will start to weaken and be overtaken by high pressure moving down from the Mid-Atlantic states on Tuesday. Light winds from the Northeast will help to keep our airmass dry. Humidity will remain low while temperatures remain in the upper 80’s on Tuesday and return to 90 on Wednesday. The high pressure will eventually plant over the Atlantic Gulf Stream on Wednesday before sliding off towards the Atlantic by the end of the day.


After high pressure over the Atlantic moves away, a new area of high pressure over the Gulf will take over on Thursday. As the Gulf high strengthens, winds will shift from an easterly wind to a westerly wind, which will move warm and more humid air over North Central Florida. The warmest day of the week will be Friday, with temperatures near 94 by the end of the day. The absence of cloud cover and rainfall through Saturday will make for a clear, albeit warm start to the weekend. Our temperatures will cool down to around 90 for Sunday as a front approaches, but the front could interact with the sea breeze in the afternoon allowing for showers in the afternoon on Sunday.

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