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Rain Chances Down, Heat Builds Midweek

By  |  4 years ago

High pressure will be increasing winds out of the Gulf starting on Tuesday. This will push the Gulf sea breeze well inland and send the greatest rain chances east of the I-75 corridor and Gainesville. This will allow for clearer skies and drier weather for the middle of this week in inland North Florida.

Low rain chances through Thursday of this week with a similar rain pattern will ensue. That will allow for the numbers on the thermometer to rise as well as a rise in how it feels.Heat indices will be on the rise to near or above the 100° mark.


The Gulf sea breeze will quickly move east to a nearly stationary Atlantic sea breeze that will be pinned to the east coast. There will be a slight chance for spotty showers and thunderstorms near the I-75 corridor as the Gulf sea breeze moves inland. The greatest chances for showers and thunderstorms will be near the St. Johns River Valley and the east coast in the afternoon hours.

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