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Drying Out in Gainesville Tuesday Evening

By  |  4 years ago

Dry air in the mid-levels of the atmosphere led to lower coverage of the shower and thunderstorms activity today, but it just happened to be Gainesville’s day to get hit. All of the activity has shifted off to the east and will leave a dry evening up ahead for Gainesville.

Temperatures will rebound with the break in the rain and sunshine that broke through later in the afternoon. Most of the shower and thunderstorm activity will remain near the St. Johns River Valley and the I-95 corridor. Areas near and west of I-75 will remain dry as temperatures fall to the 70s overnight.



Wednesday’s showers and thunderstorms will have a similar set up to Tuesday, but not as strong as Tuesday in Gainesville. The Gulf sea breeze will advance inland early once again and some stronger storms may develop near the St. Johns River Valley and in between Highway 301 and I-95.


The lower coverage of showers and thunderstorms will continue through Thursday and will allow temperatures and heat indices to soar. Temperatures will be in the mid 90s with a heat index near 100° each day this week.

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