WRUF Weather Student Opportunities

On any given day, weather is likely leading a newscast somewhere.  It can threaten lives or just spoil outdoor plans.  It can be a thing of beauty or turn hazardous in minutes.  If you have passion for weather, like to talk about it or help people plan around it, Broadcast Meteorology may be a wise career choice.  WRUF Weather offers a student opportunity that is real-world and “top-market” before you even graduate from UF.

Students who are eager to learn Meteorology as a supplement to their declared area of study can obtain a Certificate of Meteorology from UF’s Department of Geography.  The courses offered in Meteorology from UF are recommended co-requisites to becoming a student forecaster at the UF College of Journalism and Communications.  In addition to the scientific knowledge of the weather, you should also have a desire to tell a good story across multiple platforms including television, radio, and the digital products of the college.  The skills necessary for a career in Broadcast Meteorology are unique and span multiple areas of study, ranging from communication and telecommunications to atmospheric science and geography.


As a freshmen or sophomore, students interested in Broadcast Meteorology should attend an information session offered once in the fall and spring, schedule a visit with our Chief Meteorologist Jeff Huffman, and plan to enroll in at least one hour of student experience (RTV4930) through the UF College of Journalism and Communications for every semester they intend to participate.  On-air work typically begins after one or two semesters of shadowing and classwork, followed by a professional opportunity on the college’s media properties usually granted to juniors, seniors or graduates.


If you would like more information and/or are interested in becoming a Broadcast Meteorologist, please email Jeff Huffman at jhuffman@wruf.com.