Members of the New York Yankees stretch during pregame of a spring training baseball game against the Philadelphia Phillies, Monday, March 9, 2020, in Clearwater, Fla. (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)

Alex Rodriguez has Ideas on How to Play Out the 2020 MLB season

As of about three weeks ago, the 2020 MLB season was set for its March 26th Opening Day until COVID-19 threw a wrench into that. Alex Rodriguez has thoughts on how the season could play out, if or when it gets underway.

Despite the current chaos, the sports discussion world moves on. The MLB-player-turned-analyst Rodriguez believes now is a better time than ever to implement some interesting and controversial changes to Major League Baseball. With the season unlikely to begin until at least mid-May, there is plenty of time to brainstorm.

Alex Rodriguez Weighs In

The season delay has left players to their own devices, but Rodriguez says they are doing anything they can to stay in shape. Players still have workout regimens to stick to, but are also on their own. Rodriguez says that some of his friends are swimming, sprinting and throwing with their wives and relatives to stay active.

While the players are doing what they can, A-Rod wants the MLB to make changes, like playing games without fans. This is not a new idea, but Rodriguez believes it is a good option. This could get games started while quarantine is still in place, in mid-May when the season was postponed until.

Playing games without fans is a possibility, and one that A-Rod believes the players would adapt well to:

Another possibility that Rodriguez has discussed is playing seven-inning games and more double-headers. Both of these options would help get as many games in as possible in a shortened span of time. Teams playing scheduled double-headers is a realistic option, though it would wear on players more.

For players used to playing a game a day, there would need to be other measures taken. Rodriguez’s thoughts on this are that seven-inning games would help offset the effect of schedule double-headers on players:

In addition to seven-inning games, A-Rod believes adding an extra roster spot for a pitcher would help relieve the stress of multiple double-headers throughout the season. These are all viable options that the MLB is likely discussing, but there are more interesting ideas out there.

Rodriguez Thinking Outside the Box Too

Alex Rodriguez would like the MLB to think outside the box, and as he stated, “open up the floodgates” to “disruptive” and “crazy” ideas. The MLB could make the most of the season delay by implementing some of A-Rod’s suggestions:

Some of Rodriguez’s thoughts would be more or less unprecedented for Major League Baseball. But, some people believe baseball is losing fans, so A-Rod would like to see the MLB “put their best foot forward” for the future. One idea, to make the players more accessible and the games more fun to watch, is to mic up players.

This has been done before, during All-Star Games, and has been met with praise. Players being mic’d up in regular season games would be revolutionary for baseball, and other sports’ successes with it should encourage the MLB to do the same. Other ideas include opening up feeds to the batting cages, so fans could see their favorite players preparing for games in new ways.

Making baseball and its players as accessible as possible would open some eyes and breathe new life into the sport. Commissioner Rob Manfred would do well to consider some of these controversial ideas. These ideas could help turn a negative situation for the world into a positive one for the MLB moving forward.

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