Players warm up on the court before the start of a First Four game between Texas Southern and Mount St. Mary's in the NCAA men's college basketball tournament, Thursday, March 18, 2021, in Bloomington, Ind. (AP Photo/Doug McSchooler)

NCAA Tournament Athletes Express their Feelings

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament made $900 million in revenue in the 2018-19 season. After the cancellation of the tournament last year, and the conditions players must go through playing during a pandemic you might expect great conditions for unpaid student-athletes.

Maybe, the latest Call of Duty game? Virtual Among us Tournaments? Something to keep players entertained and safe during a pandemic at least. If not those small conveniences, definitely fantastic food from a chef that will keep players motivated and well-nourished. five-star food for world-class athletes helping you make hundreds of millions.

That would make sense but the NCAA apparently doesn’t see it that way.  Players were met with unfulfilled expectations as lunch was an uninspiring boxed lunch. That or fast food the players had to order themselves. A harsh reality compared to the pragmatic expectation of salmon filets. Consequently, the NCAA immediately faced backlash from players on Twitter for the unfair conditions the athletes felt they met.

Student-Athletes Thoughts on Tournament Conditions

Hopefully, it was at least solid deodorant and not the gel deodorant. The Twitter #NotNCAAProperty trended as student-athletes led the charge criticizing the NCAA about a name, likeness, and image. Athletes, fans and reporters came together to share their sentiment.

Not Just Cold Pizza

The NCAA could now be facing major changes.   Bills have been introduced to help the athletes control their name, image and likeness.   Some states have already passed this legislation and federal bills have also been introduced.   Transfer rules may be changed.   Athletes may be able to make money off of their name, image and likeness that will not go to the NCAA.

It is clear; the players want to play, but at least some of them want reform in the sport and more say on how their names and images are used.


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