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  • Danny Busseni

    I watched a lot of the Finebaum with Coach Mc broadcast. Part of the reason was I did not have to listen to Herby and Fowler which I dislike. Early in the broadcast Finebaum made a sarcastic comment to Coach Mc about playing Alabama in the SEC game. Paul said how did that work out referring to a play the gators made in the SEC game. They led me to believe he is anti UF and so pro Alabama. I think the guy that announces Alabama game helped get him started on his radio show in Birmingham. Seems a large number of his TV listeners are Alabama fans. I used to watch show but it has gotten to be so sick. How did Paul get to be the spokesman for college football or who appointed him. It seems he is on early channel I turn on. Paul seems very loyal to Saban. Plus Paul is also pro Vol, alumni.