Pat Dooley’s Grades (FLORIDA vs. LSU)

The Tailgate’s Pat Dooley hands out grades after Florida’s 52-35 loss to LSU in Baton Rouge on Saturday night.


First half: The offense came out looking great and then got a couple of big penalties against LSU to drive for a second score. Graham Mertz only had two incompletions in the half.

Second half: The Gators actually took the lead because the offense kept clicking. They were forced to go for a fourth down in their own territory late, but that was on the defense’s inability to slow down LSU.

For the game: This was not an offensive problem. The guys on that side of the ball were hardly perfect, but when you approach 500 yards and score 35 points and lose, well, let’s not be concerned with the play calling.


First half: Florida has been allowing almost 500 yards per game in the last three and almost eclipsed that in the first half. A fourth-and-goal stop and another fourth-down stop later allowed Florida to be in the game.

Second half: It only got worse. Florida would score and LSU would score quicker. Florida would cut it to three and LSU would take four plays to score. It is a young defense, but it is threatening to be as bad as the last two.

For the game: Florida has now allowed 43.3 points a game in the last four tries. This was an offense that came in ranked No. 1 in the country, but that is not an excuse for giving up 701 yards, the most in school history.


First half: Not much of a factor, which at this point could be considered a major plus. Both of Jeremy Crawshaw’s punts were down inside the 20. Trey Smack was efficient on kickoffs.

Second half: Trevor Etienne was given a reprieve because LSU was offside on a kickoff return that he returned to the 7-yard line. He was trying to make a play, but you have to be smarter than that.

For the game: Crawshaw was good. Smack was good on kickoffs. But this was a game where the special teams might as well have sat on the bench.


Not many people gave Florida a chance in this one, so the fact that the Gators lost again was hardly a surprise. At the same time, this season is going down the drain as if there was some powerful sucking machine beneath its surface.

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