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NFL Accepts New Kickoff Format

The NFL landscape is constantly changing and adapting, and the new kickoff rule implemented yesterday is another example of a historic game shifting into modern times. Tuesday, March 26th, 2024, will be a date to remember for special teams everywhere, as the NFL announced the new kickoff format. This rule, …

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NFL Free Agency Frenzy


There has been a lot of buzz going on in the National Football League (NFL) lately regarding signings and suspensions. Gambling on the Job The NFL has been cracking down on players gambling on games. Over the past couple years, the league has seen a lot more players lose their …

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Roger Goodell Talks State of the NFL

Roger Goodell]

Roger Goodell talked about multiple issues at his press conference on Wednesday ahead of the Super Bowl. He touched on a number of key topics relevant in the league this past season. Diversity Diversity was a hot topic in the press conference, as Goodell received numerous questions about his thoughts …

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