Pat Dooley’s Front Nine May 21

The Front Nine comes at you as I get ready to settle in for some serious TV time this weekend. What’s that honey? Yard work? Aw, drat.

1. I could go all day talking about how jealous the national media is of Tim Tebow and you know these guys are because they make it personal and are constantly degrading one of the best people I know. But let’s just imagine a world where Tebow throws a jump pass or bulls someone over in the end zone and Urban Meyer looks like a genius. U kept reminding some of these lunkheads that Tebow has not made the team. I thought Rich Eisen said it best when he said, “The only guy who should be angry about Tebow getting a chance is that one guy who would have on the Jags’ roster otherwise. That’s it. He’s the only one.” I know it is talking season, but there may now officially be too many shows on ESPN. Of course, maybe I should just stop watching.

2. And here’s the other thing – wouldn’t a guy like Meyer love to have a guy in his locker room for mini-caps who understands the culture and the offense, especially with a rookie quarterback who is supposed to be the savior of the franchise? The whole thing makes me baffled by the way people hate on Tebow. What did he ever do wrong? Did he spend too much time with disadvantaged people in the Philippines or work to have a special prom night for challenged young people? If you hate Tebow, you need to look inward and reexamine yourself. If you think it’s a bad football decision, it’s one thing, but everyone needs to relax. Except, of course the people making No. 85 jerseys.

3. What a month for Ricky Castillo in a span of 10 days. The Gator golfer went 4-0 in the Ryder Cup and then willed his team into the NCAA Championships by shooting six-under on the last 10 holes. “Tough as nails,” was the text I got from UF coach JC Deacon. He is that and he may be the next Gator great to do well at the next level. Next up, the Gators travel to one of my favorite places Scottsdale, Ariz., for the NCAAs starting next Friday.

4. And tonight the mighty Gators play in the NCAAs in men’s tennis as we get to the last four teams. Florida faces Texas at 7:30 after beating Texas A&M Friday. What a year it has been for Bryan Shelton. Florida won despite losing the doubles point Thursday. Unfortunately, you can’t watch unless you have the Tennis Channel. I think I might, but I’ve never had any reason to put it on.

5. Of course, there is more angst about a baseball team that is difficult to watch at times and Thursday night was one of those times when the Gators could not generate any offense against Arkansas. Look, the Razorbacks are No. 1 for a reason, but Florida needs to get one win out of the weekend or they could be looking at not hosting a regional if they go one-and-done in Hoover. This continues to be a weird team. There’s this scene in “That Thing You Do!” where Liv Tyler tells her boyfriend that she wasted hundreds and hundreds of kisses on him. I won’t go that far, but I have wasted hundreds and hundreds of man hours watching this team. Just tell me how they finish.

6. On the other hand, I have confidence that the softball team will win its regional, which starts in a few hours. Speaking of softball, a special shout out to Gainesville High’s Alyssa Humphrey, who had an incredible season for James Madison and pitched today against Liberty in the regional’s first game on TV. She was also invited to her Junior National Team tryouts this week. Well done.

7. I am enjoying the PGA Championship mainly because I know the course so well and because there has been a Gator presence. But mostly because it’s a major and I love major golf.

8. It’s “Trivial Trivia Time” and we are going to bring men’s tennis into the forefront. What were Florida’s best finishes in men’s tennis ever and what were the years?

9. My recommendation for something to watch once you get through all of the amazing stuff this weekend is “Mare of Easttown” which my wife and daughter pulled me into. It’s a mini-series (7 shows on HBO) and it’s really good. Your trivia answer is a tricky one because this could be the year Florida has its best finish. Both the 2000 and 2005 teams made it to the Final Four before losing. This team becomes the best ever with a win tonight.

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