Austin Armstrong
Austin Armstrong was hired by the Florida Gators to be the next defensive coordinator. (Photo from @GatorsFB on Twitter)

Defensive Coordinator Austin Armstrong Talks Gators Football Fall Camp

In a press conference Sunday, Gators football defensive coordinator Austin Armstrong commented on the defense for the Gators coming into fall. Looking to the upcoming season, he was very pleased with the performance of the players over their summer sessions. He went on to talk about how each player becoming their best will help the team as a whole. Not only on the field, but being a standout role model at UF is also an important part of Armstrong and his staff’s plan for success.

Transition to the Gators

Armstrong was also asked about how his transition onto the coaching staff is going with the team. He was brought in just a few days before spring training began. Although he is the new guy on the field for a lot of the Gator defense, the team has welcomed him in. He also mentioned that it is more than just accepting him as a coach. These players are buying into this program, and it is looking to be very successful.


Armstrong’s Approach

Additionally, Armstrong was asked what his approach to the season is going to be. He also talked about how while watching film of last season to prepare for his role, he noticed that to be good on third down it starts with first and second. The key he said is going to be creating the advantage on the first and second downs. There is no guarantee in this league to get that third down. It is a privilege, he said, and with the complexity of players in these games, another goal for this squad will be to affect the quarterback. He said that nobody gets a “participation trophy” for that third down, it must be earned.

Going further into his strategy, Armstrong mentioned how it all started in the early January practices. Having a head coach that knows that the defense has got to get to the ground is key for Armstrong. He said that tackling is important, it is not just “head butting” each other.

Finishing off the press conference, he was asked about any leaders he had seen throughout spring training. Armstrong didn’t want to talk about individual players at that time, but went on to say that it’s difficult with all the guys performing. It is seven players fighting every day for two spots on the field.

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