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NBA Changes Two Rules for 2023-24 Season

Two new rule changes have been approved by the NBA’s board of governors for the upcoming 2023-24 NBA season. The changes were approved on Tuesday during their annual meeting at this year’s NBA 2k24 Summer League. Now, players can be charged with a non-unsportsmanlike technical foul for flopping. Additionally, coaches …

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MLB Restricts Mound Visits, Postpones Pitch Clock

Mound Visits Major League Baseball announced its new initiative for 2018 in an attempt to quicken the pace of games. Rule changes were agreed upon thanks to cooperation with the Players’ Union. The new rule concerning mound visits limits all teams to six non-pitching change mound visits per team per …

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FHSAA approves football changes

Boys Basketball

The Florida High School Athletic Association passed rules that will change the way high school football playoffs will work for schools classified from 1A-4A. These changes come after the FHSAA instituted a points system for high school football playoffs in the 2017 season. The FHSAA voted on 11 issues in …

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